Lady Wyllo (wyllo) wrote in love_of_self,
Lady Wyllo

Being Yourself

A friend of mine is, as we all should be, searching for herself. She made a comment the other day that really hit home for me. To be unique to others is easier done by being yourself than by trying to follow the lead of others.

We tend to look to others for inspiration, justification and overall acceptance. This is a major flaw in almost every person on earth. By spending our time and energy (or should I say wasting it?) looking at others for our happiness we lose who we are and this causes depression, stress, and low self-esteem because we are not being true to ourselves.

Today write 5 things about you that you do only to please others. Now write 5 things about you that are unique.

Take this information and compare which side of you brings the most happiness. Now keep in mind serving others can be very satisfying. That is not what I am referring to. I am referring to you not being true to your personality and who you are to please others.

I would be interested to hear your responses to this project.

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