Lady Wyllo (wyllo) wrote in love_of_self,
Lady Wyllo

What have you done for YOU lately?

An important aspect of improving how you view yourself is getting up and actually participating in something you have always wanted to but were never motivated enough to do.

This week I joined the local archaeology society. It is an interest I have had since I can remember and I finally got off my duff and pushed myself forward. I do have some anxiety about whether I am smart enough or if I will be able to keep up. However, I know if I don't try I won't know. My reasons for not doing this earlier often were fueled by my lack of formal education in the field and my misperception that it would be very costly. It turns out a years membership is only $20! I also spoke to the President of the society and she was so down to earth that I did not feel I was being talked down to.

Our perceptions of the difficulties of attaining what we want can often prevent us from moving ourselves forward to our desired goals. More often than not these perceptions are far from the actuality of the situation. We need to sometimes jump in with both feet and take the moment as it comes.

What have you done lately that you have talked about but never pushed yourself to do?

If you have not yet done it, what is the one thing you would LOVE to do?

What is holding you back from trying it?

Wyllo R.
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