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ConsciousOne Healing Cards

The way we begin our day sets the tone for the experiences that will follow and how we will react to them. For this reason, ConsciousOne Healing Cards offer a series of inspirational messages which can be used as powerful daily affirmations designed to warm the heart and strengthen the soul.

Noted authors including; Louise Hay, Sylvia Browne, Doreen Virtue and Dr. Wayne Dyer provide life affirming insights into the meaning of life, keeping an open heart and new ways of thinking designed to change our lives for the better. ConsciousOne Healing Cards make a truly wonderful gift for loved ones - or simply purchase them for yourself in order to enlighten, inspire and bring joy to your life.

Choose from Five Different ConsciousOne Healing Cards – including:

Louise Hay - Wisdom Cards. Louise L. Hay, the internationally renowned author of You Can Heal Your Life has developed this beautiful deck of 64 cards which contain 128 unique pieces of art exquisitely illustrated by two artists. Each vibrant card contains a powerful piece of wisdom on one side and an affirmation. Choose a card each morning and trust your inner wisdom - it will be your positive message for the day!

Doreen Virtue - Oracle Cards. Hold the intention of love in your heart as you connect with these cards and ask your angels a specific question or for guidance about a life area. Read the meaning in your selected cards and ask the angels for help with any self-doubt you may be experiencing.

Sylvia Browne - Heart and Soul. Renowned psychic Sylvia Browne brings 50 specialized cards on a variety of topics (grief, joy, strength, nutrition, etc.). Post these cards in your home, office, car - or anywhere else you want to be reminded that life is a gift that we must nurture and treasure.

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. - Messages From Your Angels. By asking the angels a question and holding that question in your mind while the card deck spreads out, you can find out "What Your Angels Want You to Know." Or you can simply ask the angels about life areas, ask about another person or even ask a question on behalf of another person.

Dr. Wayne Dyer - Inner Peace. These cards are our way of helping you feel the love of God deep within you on a daily basis. Each morning, pick a card and let the message guide you for the duration of the day. Keep an open heart and let these cards accompany and guide you on your path to inner peace.

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