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Love Thyself

Where Your Personal Journey Begins

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We are looking for your thoughts, actions, suggestions and plans to help improve yourself so that we may share these with others that may be seeking suggestions to help themselves emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Whether you are just down in the dumps and need a boost or you are depressed and want to make major changes to yourself this is the group for you.

Learn skills that can help you on your way to a happier life through your own actions without relying on others to bring your spirits up.

Learn to love who you are as this is the key to changing the things that you do not like in your life.

Become a better parent by being a happy mother or father. Your children learn from example and your happiness will reflect on them.

Have more successful relationships because you are content with who you are.

Join us in our journey today and start to create the person you have always wanted to be.

Owner: Wyllo Rogers, Ordained Mystic Philosopher

Community Rules:

We are a NON-Denominational group but some may find their form of worship enables them to have a better view of life. If you would rather not read about someones spirituality simply skip their post.

We do not permit flaming. This should be standard practice for everyone but for whatever reason there are still those that take it upon themselves to create havoc. Such users will be banned. Be open to new ideas. You do not have to agree with someone to be open to their suggestions. If it works for them, great, but if it does not work for you, let it go.

Keep on Topic. This group has a specific topic in mind, that of the development of you. Jokes are not permitted here nor is personal journal postings or spamming with your personal websites. If you know of a site that is on topic and may be helpful to others feel free to post with a brief description of the website but sites that are simply selling products and/or are off topic will be deleted.

Copyright articles/essays (anything posted to a website or in a book or magazine) MUST have the copyright information included in the article (at the beginning or end) and either the book information (such as the ISBN) or website address where the information was brought in from. Any articles that were posted without permission from the author will be removed. If you found an article of interest to the group but cannot retain the copyright permission simply write a short blurb about the article and a link to the page where it can be found. As an author I know how difficult it is to keep such things from being taken advantage of and will not tolerate copyright infringements.

With the above in mind, articles, poems, personal essays, some videos and other such items are welcome. Share the wealth of knowledge available out there so that we may all expand our horizons and learn to love who we are, just as we are.


Wyllo R.